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Sheet Music

Title Sheet Music # Copyright Year About the Piece Condition Price Order Code
Angel Voices Ever Near 1789 1902 By A.S. Sweet F $1.00 S11
Around the World   1956 Lyrics By Harold Adamson, music by Victor Young EX $5.00 S12
Auf Wiedersehn! 25906C 1915 Lyrics by Herbert Reynolds, music by Sigmund Romberg. As sung in the production "The Blue Paradise". EX $3.00 S13
Ave Maria 465-5   F. Schubert EX $5.00 S14
Barefoot Trail, The 2275-6 1920 Words by Marian Phelps, music by Alvin S. Wiggers. VG $3.00 S15
Beg Your Pardon SH 3312-2 1947 Words & Music by Francis Craig & Beasley Smith. Composed Featured by Francis Craig his Orchestra. With voice.Robbins Music Corp. VG $2.00 S17
Blue Bells of Scotland Home Sweet Home PA 1276-2   For Violin Piano. Familiar Airs F $1.00 S18
Blue Skirt Waltz, The   1944 By Mitchell Parish Vaclav Blaha EX $3.00 S19
Blues In the Night 3217-4 1941 Lyric by Johnny Mercer, music by Harold Arlen EX $3.00 S20
Born Free   1967 Lyric by Don Black, music by John Barry EX $3.00 S21
In The Garden of My Heart 8452 1908 Lyric by Caro Roma, music by Ernest R. Ball F $1.00 S73
In the Garden of To-Morrow Song 7477-4 1924 Words by Geo. Graffe Jr., music by Jessie L. Deppen. VG $3.00 S74
In the Land of Golden Dreams   1922 Words music by Fred W. Clitheroe EX $3.00 S75
Isle of Capri 429-4 1934 Words by Jimmy Kennedy, music by Will Grosz. F $1.00 S76
Johnnie's Knockin'   1963 Words Music By Walter E. Jagiello EX $2.00 S77
Josephine 6936-5 1937 Lyric by Gus Kahn, Music by Wayne King Burke Bivens G $3.00 S78
Just A Baby's Prayer at Twilight (For Her Daddy Over There)   1918 Words by Sam M. Lewis Joe Young. Music by M.K. Jerome. With voice. Waterson, Berlin Snyder Co. P $1.00 S79
Just A Little Fond Affection   1944 By Elton Box, Desond Cox, Lewis Ilda. EX $3.00 S80
Just Before the Battle, Mother! 1875-3 1917 Geo. F. Root, arranged by M. Greenwald G $8.00 S81
Just Like A Rainbow   1921 By the writers of "Love Bird". By Mary Earl and Ted. Fiorito. VG $5.00 S82
Ride Ranger Ride 532-4 1944 Piano Solo by Jacques Offenbach. Arranged by John W. Schaum VG $2.00 S140
Rosary, The 1123 1905 By Ethelbert Nevin. Arranged for Piano Solo by Benjamin Whelpley G $2.00 S141
RoseMarie 7258-4 1924 Words by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein. VG $5.00 S142
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer     By Johnny Marks (only front back cover) F $1.00 S143
Sailor's Waltz C687-2 1938 Arranged by Eddie Jarl. E. Hellstrom G $3.00 S144
San Fernando Valley (I'm Packin' My Grip)   1943 Words and music by Gordon Jenkins. VG $2.00 S145
San Francisco's Fall   1906 John C. Kreps F $1.00 S146
Santa Claus is Comin' To Town 7860-2 1952 Wordsby Haven Gillespie, Music by J. Fred Coots. Arranged by Pietro Deiro. Jr. VG $2.00 S147
Santa Claus is Comin' To Town 7860-2 1946 Words by Haven Gillespie, Music by J. Fred Coots. Arranged by Hugo Frey. G $2.00 S216
Serenade of the Bells   1947 Words music by Kay Twomey, Al Goodhart Al Urbano. EX $3.00 S148