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Sheet Music

Title Sheet Music # Copyright Year About the Piece Condition Price Order Code
A Kiss To Build A Dream On 899-3 1951 Words & Music by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, & Oscar Hammerstein II. Sung by Kay Brown in "The Strip". With Ukulele & voice. Miller Music Corporation. VG $2.00 S1
A Song of India (Chanson Indoue) 2884-6 1934 Arranged by Calvin Grooms, by Rimsky-Korsakoff F $1.00 S2
Adoration 5700 1926 By Felix Borowski VG $3.00 S3
Adoration 18483-4 1922 Felix Borowski F $1.00 S4
After I've Called You Sweetheart How Can I Call you Friend   1927 Words by Ernie Grossman. Music by Little Jack Little. Piano w/ ukulele & voice. Milton Weil Music Co. Possible page missing. P $1.00 S5
All American Girl 6628-4 1932 By Al Lewis. With ukulele & voice. Leo Feist, Inc. Front/back cover missing. P $1.00 S6
All Through the Day 704-4 1944 Words by Oscar Hammerstein, music by Jerome Kern. G $3.00 S7
Always Ready "March"   1924 Music by Mary C. Guthier G $3.00 S8
Among My Souvenirs   1927 Lyric by Edgar Leslie Music By Horatio Nicholls. For Piano with voice. Lawrence Wright Music Co. VG $5.00 S9
An Apple Blossom Wedding   1947 By Jimmy Kennedy & Nat Simon. For Piano with voice. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. VG $3.00 S10
I’ll Never Find A Pal Like You 2052-4-1 1924 Bowed & fingered by Ann Hathaway. Arranged by Leo Friedman. E. Clinton Keithley VG $3.00 S64
I'd Be Lost Without You A-177-2 1946 Music & Lyric by Sunny Skylar. As Featured by Sammy Kaye. For Piano with voice. Advanced Music Corp. EX $3.00 S65
If I’m Not At The Roll Call Kiss Mother Good-Bye For Me 3956-2 1918 By George Boyden P $2.00 S66
If You Love Me (Really Love Me) L1199-2 1953 English by Geoffrey Parsons, French by Edith Plaf, Music by Marguerite Monnot G $3.00 S219
I'll Be Faithful SH994-3 1933 Lyric by Ned Washington, melody by Allie Wrubel, featured by Rudy Valee EX $2.00 S67
I'm Falling In Love With Someone 11769-4 1910 Lyric by Rida Johnson Young, music by Victor Herbert. EX $3.00 S68
I'm Gonna Love That Guy (Like He's Never Been Loved Before) 1044-4 1945 Words & Music By Frances Ash. Kay Armen. For Piano with voice. Lawrence Wright Music Co. Ltd. EX $3.00 S69
In Bluebird Land Song   1921 Lyric by W.R. Williams, Music by Albert E. Short VG $2.00 S70
In Shadowland   1924 Words by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young. Music by Ruth Brooks and Fred E. Ahlert VG $2.00 S71
In the Garden 4340 1904 Frederic A Franklin F $1.00 S72
Open the Door Softly 6066 1924 Lyric by Dion Boucicault, old air adapted by Herbert Hughes. G $3.00 S131
Pecos Bill 730 1950 Piano Solo w/voice. Words and Music by John W. Schaum. Belwin,Inc. VG $5.00 S132
Piccolo and The Bassoon, The N3246-2 1959 Piano solo by Carolyn Bull. Carl Fischer, Inc. VG $2.00 S133
Polonaise SH 3018-4 1945 For Piano by Frederic Chopin. Robbins Music Corp. VG $2.00 S134
Practice Makes Perfect   1940 By Don Roberts and Ernest Gold VG $3.00 S213
Quiet 2825-4 1926 Words by Dorothy Dickenson, music by Wilfrid Sanderson. G $2.00 S135
Rachmaninoff's Second Concerto - Part 2 SH 2575-2 1943 By Sergei Rachmaninoff. Robbins Music Corp. For Piano VG $3.00 S136
Rain SH 363-2 1927 Words and Music by Eugene Ford EX $3.00 S137
Rainbow on the River 6843-3 1936 Lyrics by Paul Webster, Music by Louis Alter EX $3.00 S138
Red Roses for a Blue Lady   1948 Words & Music by Sid Tepper & Roy Brodsky. Frankie Masters pictured. Mills Music, Inc EX $3.00 S139