Plastic and Metal
Lunch Boxes & Thermoses

Items are in used condition and show normal signs of wear which includes scratches, unless otherwise stated. Please read detailed description for each item for additional details on condition.

no_image.jpg Barbie Metal Lunch Box & Plastic Thermos 2001 Barbie Metal lunch box & plastic thermos. New, never used. Still has all original paper & coupons in the inside.

Price $10.00 Code - ELH
lh20.jpg Barney and Baby Bop Lunch Box and Thermos Plastic. 1992 Lyons Group. Purple. Lunch box and paper picture in very good condition. Includes matching Thermos.

Price: $6.00 Code - DLH20
lh35.jpg Looney Tunes / Bugs Bunny 1995- Plastic purple lunch box with plastic thermos. Lunch box and thermos in very good condition

Price $10.00 Code - DLH35
lhe6.jpg Barbie Lunch Box w/ thermos. Plastic. Mattel 1990. Dark pink. Lunch box and thermos in very good condition. Paper picture is showing wear - creases, edges faded & starting to peel.

Price: $4.00 Code - ELH6
lhe13.jpg The Hunchback of Notre Dame Lunch Box w/ thermos. Plastic. Disney. Purple with red handle & latch. Lunch box, thermos & paper picture in very good condition.

Price: $6.00 Code - ELH13
lhe29.jpg Batman & the Penquin - The Animated Series Lunch Box w/thermos. Softside. DC Comics 1993. Lunch box & thermos in excellent condition.

Price: $8.00 Code - ELH29
lhe49.jpg Aladdin Lunch Box w/ Thermos Disney. Plastic. Plastic red lunch and thermos in very good condition. Paper picture on lunch box is showing wear - faded & starting to come off.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH49
lhe51.jpg Masters of the Universe Lunch Box w/thermos. Mattel 1983. Plastic blue lunch box and thermos in fair condition. Box is cracked, print on thermos is peeling. Stickers on picture & back of lunch box.

Price $2.00 Code - ELH51
lh4.jpg Dragon Heart Lunch Box >w/thermos. 1996 UCS. Plastic purple lunch box and thermos in very good condition. Paper picture on lunch box also very good condition.

Price $8.00 Code - DLH4
lhe101.JPG Cabbage Patch Kids Lunch Box Metal. Good condition. Some Rust. 1983 Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH101
lhe103.JPG Cabbage Patch Kids Lunch Box Plastic. Yellow Good Condition, faded, needs outside cleaning. 1985 983 Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc.

Price: $6.00 Code - ELH103
lhe104.JPG The Flintstones Art Box / Lunch Box Plastic. 1983 Universal City Studios. Light blue/green. Good Condition.

Price: $4.00Code - ELH104
lhe11.jpg 2 Metal Lunch Boxes & Thermos. Good condition. Showing some wear, rust. Thermos does not have a cover.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH11
lhe15.jpg Peanuts Lunch Box Snoopy, Linus, Charlie Brown & the Whole Gang. Plastic. United Feature Syndicate 1950. Yellow. Lunch box in very good condition. Paper picture in good condition - crease down the center.

Price: $4.00 Code - ELH15
lhe16.jpg The Empire Strikes Back Lunch Box Plastic. Lucas Film 1980. Plastic red lunch box in very good condition.  Picture is in good condition ... printer right on lunch box (not tradition paper picture that is glued on) this is in good condition.  Some places marks on box front ... like stickers that have been removed.  I have not tried to clean or remove these, box is as it was when I purchased it.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH16
lhe17.jpg Rambo Lunch Box Metal Anabasis 1985. Green. Very good condition.

Price: $10.00 Code - ELH17
lh6.jpg New Kids on the Block Lunch Box Plastic. Dic & Big Step 1991. Pink. Lunch box & picture in verygood condition.

Price: $6.00 Code - DLH6
lh16.jpg Mickey & Minnie Mouse Lunch Box Softside. Red/Blue. Very good condition. Name written in marker inside& outside.

Price: $4.00 Code - DLH16
lh21.jpg The California Raisins Lunch Box Plastic. 1987 California Raisin Advisory Board. Yellow. Lunch box and paper picture in good condition.

Price: $6.00 Code - DLH21
lhe34.jpg 101 Dalmatians Thermos Walt Disney. Excellent condition. Red.

Price: $4.00 Code - ELH34
lhe105.JPG Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1995 Saban. Red. Excellent condition.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH105
lhe106.JPG Minnie Mouse Aladdin Industries. Has name written in marker, missing cup / cover.

Price: $2.00 Code - ELH106
lhe107.JPG Wee Pals Kid Power 1973. King Features Syndicate. No cup / cover. Good Condition.

Price: $2.00 Code - ELH107
lhe108.JPG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles White, no cup / cover, bottom

Price: $2.00 Code - ELH108
lh106.JPG Mickey Mouse the Mail Pilot Walt Disney. Excellent condition. Purple

Price: $5.00 Code - DLH106
lh107.JPG Barney 1982 The Lyons Co. Blue cover, white thermos. Very good condition.

Price: $3.00 Code - DLH107
lh108.JPG My Little Pony Walt Disney. 1983 Hasbro Industries, Inc. Pink/purplish. Showing wear.

Price: $2.00 Code - DLH108
lh38.jpg My Little Pony Aladdin. Very good condition.. Purple.

Price: $6.00 Code - DLH38
lhe35.jpg Barbie Thermos 1997 Mattel. Excellent condition. Pink.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH35
lhe36.jpg Beauty & The Beast Thermos Disney. Excellent condition. Light pink.

Price:$3.00 Code - ELH36
lhe38.jpg The Get Along Gang Thermos Alladin Industries. 1984 American Greetings Corp. Red. Excellent condition.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH4
lhe39.jpg My Little Pony Thermos Hasbro 1997. Excellent condition. Light purple.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH39
lh18.jpg Hercules Thermos Disney. Blue. Excellent condition.

Price: $3.00 Code - DLH18
lhe40.jpg Aladdin Thermos Disney. Excellent condition. Blue.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH40
lhe41.jpg Barbie Thermos Mattel 1998. Excellent condition. Purple.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH41
lhe42.jpg Goosebumps Thermos Parachute Press, Inc. 1995. Excellent condition. Blue.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH42
lhe44.jpg GI Joe Thermos Hasbro 1986. Excellent condition. Dark blue bottom. Cup missing.

Price: $3.00Code - ELH44
lhe45.jpg Little Mermaid Thermos Disney. Excellent condition. White

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH45
lhe46.jpg Annie Thermos Aladdin Industries. 1981 Tribune Co, & 1981 Columbia Pictures. Excellent condition. Red. Missing cup ... cup in picture did not fit.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH46
lhe37.jpg Care Bears Thermos Aladdin Industries Inc., 1986. Excellent condition. Yellow.

Price: $3.00 Code - ELH37
lh2.jpg lh2a.jpg Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Thermos 1988 Aladdin Industries Inc.. Bottom starting to separate from thermos. Red.

Price: $5.00 Code - ELH2
lh23.jpg E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial Thermos 1982 Universal City Studios. Yellow - cup missing. Excellent Condition.

Price: $5.00 Code - DLH23
lh27.jpg Mickey and Minnie Thermos Walt Disney Co. Pink. Excellent condition.

Price: $5.00 Code - DLH27
lh30.jpg The Goosebumps Thermos 1995 Parachute Press, Inc. Black. Excellent condition.

Price: $5.00 Code - DLH30
lh26.jpg Gremlins Thermos 1984 Warner Bros. Red. Excellent condition.

Price: $5.00Code - DLH26