With an appreciation for dishes, dinnerware and fine china, my hobby grew into Mile-A-Way Dinnerware, Antiques and Collectibles. My name is Denise Munroe, and as the business owner, I provide china replacement services. With the option of complete sets or individual replacement pieces, you will find the dinnerware and fine china you need in the inventory listed on my website. You will also enjoy the benefits of my competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Heirlooms and Decor

Dinnerware and dishes are heirlooms for so many families, and they hold many memories of favorite holiday meals and special family gatherings. Simply holding a long-beloved piece of dinnerware in your hand can bring back many fond recollections. Many people collect dishware for its beautiful colors and to add a vintage look and feel to home decor. Fine dishware truly is an art form, and these pieces and collections are an integral part of many homes across the country.

Broad Inventory

Although my selection of inventory primarily focuses on dishes, dinnerware and fine china, I also offer a selection of specialty glassware, lunch boxes, sheet music and course books. I carry a selection that includes more than 300 manufacturers and many different patterns that were manufactured all over the world. My broad selection includes discontinued patterns, vintage pieces, antique sets and current patterns. You will find many different manufacturers and types of dinnerware, including:

Anchor Hocking
Fine China of Japan
Fire King
Homer Laughlin
Johnson Brothers
Royal China
Style House

Whether you love collecting dishware or wish to complete an heirloom set of dishes, I encourage you to take a look at my website to find the pieces you need. My inventory is continually growing, as I have many pieces in storage that I am carefully sorting and adding to my inventory and my website on a frequent basis.

Photographs, Dimensions and Quantities

Mile-A-Way Dinnerware, Antiques and Collectibles has been providing sets and individual replacement pieces since I built my first website in 1998. What started as a small hobby business has led to substantial increases in my inventory, which is carefully cataloged and detailed on my website. You will find alphabetical categories listed by the manufacturers name and detailed information about each piece, including photographs, condition, dimensions, quantity and pricing.

Please Contact Me

If you cannot find the pieces you are seeking, please call or email me so I can provide you with assistance. It is my pleasure to help you with your personal collection and to provide the information you may need to help in your search for the patterns and pieces you are collecting.

Please contact Mile-A-Way Dinnerware, Antiques and Collectibles today with any questions you have or to place a dinnerware and fine china order. I am centrally located in Wisconsin, and I offer both domestic and international shipping options. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for complete information about placing an order.

Thank you and Welcome to Mile-A-Way Dinnerware, Antiques & Collectibles,